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Corie Skolnick

With a large dose of humor and warmth, ORFAN lets the reader in on the loss, grief, trauma, and isolation that children experience when the foundation of a loving parent is pulled out from under them, and they are placed in homes where they are not loved or appreciated, or even safe. While ORFAN has a fantastical side that allows us to reach in and enjoy the story of JD, it also illustrates the searing pain of aloneness and how important it is that our communities support all our "orfans" to have stable, permanent lifelong families. As we see with ORFAN, families can appear in all shapes and colors and from the most unlikely places. ORFAN is an old-fashioned page-turner with real heart and an insight into love and how people authentically come together as family. "ORFAN is an insightful look at adoption that is so often ignored. From the beginning of the story the reader is pulled into the authenticity of each life that is touched by adoption. I recommend this book to anyone who is part of the adoption triad, the birthparents, adoptive parents and adoptee. You will not be disappointed." -Karen L. Vedder, MSW, Former president of Concerned United Birthparents, Inc., Carlsbad, CA "A wondrous, unique story about the power of imagination and movie stars to lift us out of tough circumstances." -Paige Gold, Entertainment and Media attorney "ORFAN is a novel that shows us the world from the fragile perspective of an amazing young boy who has lost what so many take for granted. Corie Skolnick has created a raft of vivid characters who turn the idea of "family" on its head, while telling a mesmerizing story that reminds us of how we are all linked together by our need for connection." - Donna Accardo, Chair, English Department, Pierce College, Los Angeles, CA

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