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Nerd Passions: Nerdy Singles Online

  • daxkun
  • Lonely geek looking for others. Things about me... I am completely weird, I seem almost normal at certain times and then every now and then I notice people will look at me like I'm some kind of alien. It's all good because I know that I am me. I am a gamer so a lot of my hobbies involve me chilling around with friends playing video games, or occasionally going out for a few drinks. I am very much ...
  • 33 years old | Fort Worth, TX, USA

  • edgegrain
  • I now realize . . . I am happy around geeky, nerdy folks (particularly if they can function in society adequately). I'm just considering how to fit this interest into my life. Geeky nerdy folks who like to be around a bright queer person might want to sent me a note.
  • 62 years old | Portland, OR, USA

  • raiadus
  • 25 years old | Denver, CO, USA

  • InNYC
  • 57 years old | Abbotts, NY, USA

  • feedback
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  • 30 years old | New York, NY, USA

  • oznudeguy
  • 36 years old | Cascade Station, Australia

  • rustymco
  • 65 years old | Colorado Springs, CO, USA

  • aranbenjo
  • im a bit nerd i love to programm at my pc
  • 40 years old | Roma, Italy

  • englishgeek
  • Hello I'm The Doctor. Well not really but we can dream lol. Well I am a Nerd or Geek (Been called both and get off this planet although not sure that's a name). Looking to make new friends talk to people with similar interests and have fun. I like all things Sc-fi Especially Doctor Who and Star Trek (my photos probably give that away though). Anyways if you'd like to have a chat drop me a message ...
  • 31 years old | Hartlepool, United Kingdom

  • blitzk
  • 31 years old | Kenosha, WI, USA