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Not listed? Is Straight Cisgender Male one of the ways you identify yourself?
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Straight Cisgender Male
Nerd Passions Members

  • tomoemichi
  • Hail and well met - I'm a history geek with a serious leaning toward fantasy, martial arts and miscellaneous other hobbies. I like to write stories and draw when ADHD isn't keeping me from doing so.
  • 35 years old | Huntsville, AL, USA

  • blitzk
  • 31 years old | Kenosha, WI, USA

  • nightrider64
  • Definitely Nerdy I love Star Trek and Star Wars and various areas of comic book and superhero and fantasy literature.
  • 54 years old | Roseboro, NC, USA

  • chosenwolf
  • Hi I am Jake and I am a full time college student at Pitt University with an end goal in Industrial Engineering. I am ultimately looking for an authentic relationship and dating opportunities from this site. I don't really prefer small talk but, I would love to hear about your dreams, personal philosophies, motivations, etc.rnrnI am a huge Legend of Zelda fan and have probably played/completed mos...
  • 20 years old | Coraopolis, PA, USA

  • jprim1975
  • 44 years old | Abbott, CA, USA

  • traj790
  • I just moved to Atlanta for a job with the Fulton County Library. I love cooking (especially baking (especially baking with chocolate)), Coheed and Cambria, and pen-and-paper RPGs. I'm looking for someone who shares one or more of these interests, and who might be open to the idea of one day getting a sweet, slobbery mutt.
  • 29 years old | Atlanta, GA, USA

  • lekjaz
  • Isn't it amazing that somehow a person expects to identify the magical essence of relationship via a description in this little box? Sure, I'll tell you I'm a really nice guy, folk music and festival afficionado, contra dancer, bike rider, indexer of doctoral dissertation abstracts (nerdy enough for ya?), and that I like traveling the country seeking fascinating and beautiful places and people, la...
  • 67 years old | Ann Arbor, MI, USA

  • enjoypa
  • Emancipated ukulele-toting nerd seeks captivity.
  • Here are some things I do: I sing - I nerd - I computer - I snuggle - I ukulele - I build - I puzzle - I mow - I rock - I theater - I love ---===@===--- Here are some things you do: You sing - You smile - You spread joy - You cuddle - You garden - You love ---===@===--- Here are some other facts about us: Neither of us uses tobacco, but at least one of us used to - Neither of us drinks excessiv...
  • 47 years old | Reading, PA, USA

  • shadowofnight
  • I am a nerdy guy looking for a nerdy woman. I like all (well certainly lots of) things nerdy and I’m looking for someone to share my nerd passions with.
  • 44 years old | Portland, OR, USA

  • creeperkinght
  • I'm a super otaku geek nerd (I guess) who loves anime,video games,comics,fantasy or sci fi stuff,and all things nerdy!I'm very optimistic about things,especially in people,though that does get me into trouble every once in while (idk why...).I'm intuitive,so I won't judge a girl for there looks or what they believe in,as long as it doesn't hurt me or anyone I care about.But I won't through it at y...
  • 18 years old | Fayetteville, AR, USA

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