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Not listed? Is Female one of the ways you identify yourself?
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Nerd Passions Members

  • a1oenesome
  • Do I qualify? I'm not an American so not sure if I qualify as a nerd. I'm a nice if somewhat shy, mature M-F who is interested in science and nature, as well as technology (though I hate the creeping personal intrusion of "social media"). I don't bother with games now though I used to play. I also avoid forums as they are often populated by idiots who pretend to know things that they don't or simp...
  • 58 years old | Allesley, United Kingdom

  • greennelop
  • Like minded people, astronomy, mineral s Science fiction, reading , dogs, video games( fall out, cod, sims, dragon age, fable, open world games).......
  • 32 years old | Winston-Salem, NC, USA

  • squintyrose
  • Looking for somthing..... Im only on here for the chat room. PLease stay out of my inbox
  • 30 years old | Sacramento, CA, USA

  • xxxdovexxx
  • Just here for friends Happy in a relationship with the man of my dreams .... just here to pass the time till he finally is here in my life. talking to my friends and nothing more. If you require more then you need to move on.
  • 31 years old | Australian Capital Territory, Australia

  • tallssbbw
  • 34 years old | Los Angeles, CA, USA

  • sweetcdjackie
  • Just a transgirl
  • Just a Sweet Little TG Just testing the waters and seeing what's out there
  • 32 years old | San Antonio, TX, USA

  • martialartsfan
  • 31 years old | Skelmersdale, United Kingdom

  • goddesspas
  • GODDESS LOVE NERDS Yes, you that geek and I are one about many subjects, and yes I just love to sit and listen to you go on about the machanics of special devices, and yes there may very well be a wonderlust look of how much you sincerely know about a particulair subject, Ive got a few subjects I love to share as well.
  • 70 years old | Pensacola, FL, USA

  • banesraver666
  • 26 years old | Deer Park, TX, USA

  • edgegrain
  • I now realize . . . I am happy around geeky, nerdy folks (particularly if they can function in society adequately). I'm just considering how to fit this interest into my life. Geeky nerdy folks who like to be around a bright queer person might want to sent me a note.
  • 63 years old | Portland, OR, USA

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