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Nerd Passions Members

  • coluan
  • "The illusion is always one of normality" I s'pose I'm looking for friends as of now. People. Mostly. Though any non-terrestrials and sentient talking animals, feel free to apply...

    I'm just a regular guy. A regular introverted fan of comic books, Stars Wars, the Simpsons, and Doctor Who type of guy.

    Guess I'm just looking for like-minded individuals to talk wit...
  • 35 years old | Dickson City, PA, USA

  • slotcar
  • 58 years old | Weed, CA, USA

  • christurner1
  • Looking for someone Looking for that special someone
  • 33 years old | Wisbech, United Kingdom

  • jsudduth
  • 29 years old | Long Beach, CA, USA

  • tubajohn
  • LOTR nerd. That's me....... LOTR and UFO nerd. I know they don't really go well together, but they fit perfectly for me.
  • 31 years old | Tampa St Petersburg, FL, USA

  • bubbagoo
  • looking for love in all the wrong places I am a 33 year old blogger and tarot reader who has been around the block and down the alley of life. I have only been with a handful of people and with most of them I have had my heart utterly destroyed. I am looking for someone who can be my equal, and is honest and caring. Someone that I dont have to worry about, and that is loyal. I am a down to earth g...
  • 38 years old | Rural Area, WA, USA

  • sebastianm
  • I’m trying to look for someone who likes to go out to convention, who likes to watch shows and movies of any genre, like someone like me who just wants to exempted
  • 20 years old | Harris, TX, USA

  • medalone
  • hey i wear glasses
  • 61 years old | Lake Charles, LA, USA

  • onlyfwb
  • looking for nerdy friends i'm interested in finding a nerdy friend for fun and more.
  • 48 years old | Columbia, TN, USA

  • jairden86
  • I'm your average, run of the mill nerd. I like Dungeons and Dragons (etc.), computer gaming, thinking up random things, and being off the wall.
  • 32 years old | Abercrombie, ND, USA

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