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NERD Group

  • ouizzl
  • i live in a world nearly of total isolation and this must change ,lost instructions on meeting people
  • 54 years old
  • San Diego, CA, USA
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  • jcortez
  • I am me. That's all I can be.
  • 37 years old
  • Long Island, NY, USA
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  • ironspider8
  • Ready for fun It is pretty hard getting to know people who have a predescribed notion of you because of what you like; usually your weird, or oh that's childish. I want to meet people without the prejudices.
  • 26 years old
  • Springfield, MA, USA
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  • stranger86
  • This part is never easy. I suppose these are the basics.....I'm typically a quiet guy, not usually the one to start a conversation but if you get me going, I can talk up a storm every now and then. People tend to view me as a very mellow dude, which I'd agree with. I think I can say I'm pretty open-minded about many things or at the very least, I try to be. My passions are mostly video games, movi...
  • 33 years old
  • Oklahoma City, OK, USA
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  • spike788
  • 40 years old
  • Youngstown, OH, USA
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  • dominateu
  • Looking for a hardcore gamer girl. I'm a hardcore gamer guy who's been playing games since the age of 2 or 3 years old. I'm pretty socially awkward, and have trouble relating to anyone because of my very limited interests. My interests are basically just video games, astronomy, the paranormal, religion, science, technology, and that's pretty much it. Gaming has always been my number 1 thing, tho...
  • 34 years old
  • Huron, SD, USA
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  • donkeythick
  • 27 years old
  • Nashville, TN, USA
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  • amyindelware
  • I am a big nerd kind of like nerds, s I am one
  • 49 years old
  • Dover, DE, USA
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  • thedoc
  • The nerds shall inherit. Id like to meet a nerd girl. Ever got the short end of the stick because you aren't what others consider "Cool" or "Normal?" Hey, I feel your pain. I like the strange and unusual. You got tattoos or shave your head? Hey, Im cool with that. I'm big on individuality! Drop me a line.
  • 48 years old
  • A Sherton, TX, USA
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  • airkion
  • In search of party member: details here I am a very laid back person. I like to play RPG's, both video and live action. I prefer DnD if I can get a few good friends to play with. I also like to take long drives for dumb reasons. IE: I occasionally drive 100 miles to a quicktrip for a fountain Pepsi. I just enjoy the peace on the highway. For the most part I am a very quiet person who loves to list...
  • 44 years old
  • All of OK, USA
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